Distribution Law

Companies that produce, distribute, or sell goods or services have unique needs that only a lawyer with experience representing such market participants can provide.

The law that governs the supply, distribution, and sale of goods and services, including the interaction between distribution channel participants, is a complex web of federal, state, and sometimes local laws, ranging from general principles of contract law to antitrust and trademark laws.  Jerry advises and represents suppliers, dealers, distributors, retailers, and franchisees from start-up through maturity, in areas such as:

  • Start-up and/or incorporation
  • Drafting and negotiating of contracts relating to distribution, including distribution agreements and service agreements
  • General contract disputes between or among suppliers, distributors, sales representatives, and clients/customers
  • Product liability and negligence claims, and risk management of such claims
  • Trademark and licensing issues
  • Disputes arising out of the termination of distribution agreements or sales representation agreements