US-UK Legal Services

As a lawyer dually qualified both in several US States and in England and Wales, Jerry is distinctively situated to assist US companies doing business in the UK and UK companies doing business in the US.

A very substantial portion of Jerry’s legal practice is devoted to representing US and UK businesses in their transatlantic business activities.  Jerry advises and represents US and UK companies with respect to such cross-border matters as:

  • The negotiation and drafting of international sales agreements, including terms and conditions of sale
  • Cross-border contract disputes
  • The negotiation and drafting of international distribution, sales representation, and master services agreements
  • The creation of foreign subsidiaries (or other affiliates) and ongoing corporate governance matters
  • Cross-border protection of intellectual property, including claims arising out of trademark, copyright, and patent infringement
  • The legal and tax aspects of acquiring or selling foreign business interests
  • The creation, operation, and termination of international joint ventures
  • Disputes arising out of the termination of distributors or sales representatives/commercial agents
  • Customs laws and regulations, including disputes with US CBP officials over classification or valuation issues
  • The application of employment/labour laws in the cross-border setting
  • Inbound and outbound tax planning
  • Compliance with US and UK transfer pricing rules and other tax laws (including US sales tax and UK VAT requirements)

 Jerry is also a Certified Global Business Professional® who brings practical business knowledge to every client interaction.

Jerry currently serves UK corporations in over a dozen cities in the United Kingdom.