My Commitment to Clients

Your selection of a lawyer to serve and protect your interests is an important decision.  Here is my commitment to all the clients whom I serve.

Exceptional Service, Timely Delivered

  • I will represent you competently, skillfully, and diligently.
  • I will deliver services on the agreed timescale or, if no timescale has been agreed, on a reasonable timescale.
  • I will tell you if I cannot handle a matter for you due to a lack of time or other resources or due to inadequate familiarity with the legal issues involved.
  • I will deliver services with the highest integrity, honesty, and candor.

Candid Advice for Informed Client Decisions

  • I will provide an honest and candid appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of your legal position.
  • I will provide enough information about your matter to allow you to make informed decisions about the legal services you need and about the best course of action.
  • I will clearly explain the legal issues involved in my representation of you and the legal advice offered.
  • I will keep you informed about the progress of the representation, when requested by you and at appropriate intervals.
  • I will timely respond to your phone calls, emails, or other communications, including any request for information about your representation.
  • You will have access to any records that I have prepared in the course of my representation of you.
  • I will inform you of all information known to me that might be material to your matter, unless disclosure of that information would violate my duty of confidentiality to some other client.
  • After you decide the goals and objectives of the representation, we will have a full and frank discussion of the means by which those goals and objectives may (or may not) be accomplished.

Undivided Loyalty to You and Your Goals

  • You will have my undivided loyalty.
  • I will offer professional judgment that is independent and uncompromised.
  • I will provide legal representation that is solely in your best interest, without regard to my personal interests or the interests of any third-party.
  • I will inform you if I make an error that may give you grounds to assert a claim against me.
  • I will protect the confidentiality of information you provide to me.

Transparency as to Costs and Benefits

  • I will provide an honest assessment of the likely overall cost of my services, using the best possible information, both at the beginning of our relationship and as it progresses.
  • I will provide updated information about the costs of my services if circumstances change that might affect those costs.
  • I will provide an honest assessment of whether the potential outcomes of your matter are likely to justify the expense or risk involved.
  • I will provide the best possible information to permit you to independently perform a cost/benefit analysis of the options available to you.
  • You will receive invoices that clearly and accurately itemize each service offering or cost advanced.
  • The fees charged will be proportionate to the value delivered.

Respect for You and Your Concerns

  • You will be treated with respect.
  • You will be treated without discrimination, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.
  • If you have complaints about my services or my fees, I will address those complaints promptly, fairly, openly, and effectively.